Notts 2023-24


Notes for Sheffield B

Hand bleed, tired (Casualty 7)

Look around


Not every item is essential such as the clothing from the bags. Team took way to long to enter the water. Idle team mates.

Unconscious Breathing (Casualty 6)

Two of you walked clean past her, so you could have started her treatment much earlier. When you did treat her, you needed to make sure her face did not graze the floor during the turn. Good use of jumper as aftercare.

Radio Call

Use radio! You found it, but didn’t use it.

Tired swimmer (Casualty 2)

struggled with comms as you didn’t realise they were deaf - would have responded to simple signals I like that you tried safer rescue from the side first, but you could just grab the kayak they’re on be careful throwing the yellow torp, it has a metal end and it got close to casualty 3

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