Notts 2023-24


Notes for Loughborough B

Unconscious Breathing (Casualty 6)

Would have been 9 or 10 for treatment but you only checked for breathing for 3 seconds. Great otherwise. Interesting, though, that you said “Captain, first aid kit” but not “Captain, casualty” or similar - did you notice the kit before the casualty?

Hand bleed, tired (Casualty 7)

Look around

Radio Call

Said 999 but didn’t have radio to mouth


Remember the brief, there are deaf casualties in the serc.

Tired swimmer (Casualty 2)

good attempt at comms but I’m not sure when you realised they were deaf good attempt at rescue but you got awful close to 2 plus don’t grab casualties if you don’t need to - safest rescues are non-contact -and remember safe distances

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